Advertising Options

Standard Placement                                                                              

Third Page   $450

Half Page   $600

Full Page   $1000

Market Place 1/8 page$150

Main Issue Sponsor                               $2800                                         
Front Cover Placement    One Full Page ad inside content
Front Inside Full Page ad Back Cover Full Page ad
Optional ArticleName Placement on TV show

Section Sponsor                                    $1500                                         
Placement on section introduction page Full Page ad in section
Logo on each page of sponsored sectionOptional Article
Name Placement on TV show Jared Scott Outdoors

Invoices can be mailed out for ads purchased online if requested.

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The best way to advertise using print media reaching thousands of Southeastern Idaho outdoor enthusiasts.

Gettin’ Out Media information

Gettin’ Out is the only magazine in the area that covers all our region has to offer for the outdoors enthusiasts. Published 4 times a year, each issue is full of outdoors related stories for all kinds of interests. Whether it’s hiking, fishing, family recreation, hunting, trail riding or just camping, Gettin’ Out covers it. From the cooking tips to campsite reviews to the photo gallery, each issue is full of valuable information and is kept as a reference for future plans.

Unlike many advertising avenues where the target audience hears it once, see’s it once or gets a mailing that is usually thrown away, advertisements in Gettin’ Out will stay in the home as they hold on to each issue for future reference. We do our best to place ads within content of the magazine, not just in the back where they may or may not be seen. With 20,000 copies distributed and flooding Idaho Falls and the surrounding area, you can be sure to reach your target consumer. With an estimated 3 readers per magazine your reaching around 60,000* readers with each publication. We are confident this is one of the best values around for your advertising dollars.

While with other advertising avenues, it’s tough to know what percentage of your advertising dollars actually go to your target audience, it’s easy with Gettin’ Out. Gettin’ Out is picked up at dozens of locations by those tht enjoy the outdoors. That being said, if you’re looking for the outdoors enthusiasts that spend their money on trucks, tires, big boy toys, outdoor vacations and all the other products and services that are related to the outdoors, you’ll reach the perfect market. Even if your business isn't an "outdoor" related business, the magazine will get into the hands of so many people that it makes it a wise option for any advertiser.

Thank you for considering advertising with Gettin’ Out